Your Next Project is our Next Solution!

Colossal Transport Solutions LLC (CTS) is your single-source partnership for all of your logistic needs. CTS strengthens every relationship through coordination and cooperation in the project planning process. We will provide a detailed project plan at the start of every project to make sure you are completely informed of what the plans are for your cargo.

CTS delivers a promise to meet every challenge with an innovative and economical solution. Our track record illustrates a versatile array of commodities and modes of transport. With our range of experience and our practice of forward planning and detailed execution, you can be assured a successful completion to your project.

CTS provides the following services:

Rail Transportation:

Rail Transportation

CTS has over 100 combined years of experience in working with the railroads. We specialize in over dimensional and overweight project cargo. CTS can provide and manage railcar orders, certified AAR securement, special train services, railroad clearances, and rail expediting along with GPS and impact recording during transit. CTS uses 3 Dimensional CAD drawings to help conceptualize clearance obstructions along the rail route and further enhancing the ability to provide effective rail transport solutions.

Railcar Securement:

Railcar Securement

CTS will design and illustrate AAR certified securement plans for every individual piece of cargo. We provide certified welders for all tie down and securement projects and also provide a supervisor onsite at the time of loading of the railcar to oversee and ensure the cargo is loaded and secured properly. An effectively loaded and secured railcar leads to fewer delays and a less expensive project!

Heavy Haul & Truck brokering:


CTS has the knowledge and experience to effectively source, procure, and manage all aspects of trucking jobs from flatbed trucks to hydraulic platform trailer moves. We have an established network of carriers across North America that makes it easy to find the right carrier for the job and ensure that it is done right. We regularly provide services for cargo requiring flatbeds, double-drops, multi-axle combinations, dual-lane systems, and hydraulic platform trailers.

Barge Transportation:

Barge Transportation

CTS will plan and execute all details of your next barge project. We plan and provide all aspects of hopper barge and deck barge moves. Depending on the type of equipment and site conditions we will design a project plan utilizing cranes or overhead gantries for lift-on / lift-off operations or barge ramps for roll-on / roll-off operations. As with all major operations, we will provide a supervisor on site to oversee the loading and unloading will be handled safely.

Crane and Rigging:

Crane and Rigging

Every piece of cargo has its own lifting and rigging challenges and CTS has the critical expertise to know how and who to trust with your cargo. We have numerous trusted expert crane and rigging companies that can be used to lift, transload and safely set your cargo whether it is utilizing cranes, gantries or jack and slide systems.



Before every project CTS can provide detailed port, route, and site surveys to make sure the transportation method and route is planned down to the finest detail with no surprises along the way.

We can also provide:

  • Impact Recorders/GPS tracking
  • Rail Expeditors (Rail Riders)
  • Engineered Transport Drawings

With the size of cargo increasing, CTS’s outside of the box approach can guarantee that we will use the best mode of transportation to move your cargo safely, securely, and efficiently to its final destination.